The 2016 GOP Convention Has This Modernization In Store

Posted: Jul 11, 2016 8:00 PM

The GOP Convention is unveiling an important change they have made for this year's event.

A major modernization come in the transition of a traditional Radio Talk Show Row to a new multi-Media Row. The Media Row allows for various platforms to have easy access to convention surrogates. 

Kirsten Kukowski, the Convention Director of Communications, explained the rationale behind these changes.

"We have seen an immense amount of change in news consumption since 2012, and Media Row will help us engage these new media platforms in unique ways," said Kukowski. "This is the only space of its kind in 2016 and we are very proud to share our message with national, regional, local, and social media outlets around the clock during the week of Convention. The goal is that no matter the channel, beginning July 17, RNC in CLE will be available everywhere."

The 2016 Media Row will also have several other changes made to maximize the experience at the convention. Some of these changes include making the whole row camera ready, replacing windows to allow more natural light, replacing light fixtures, laying down carpet and also putting down paneling to fit the Convention theme. 

Check out this time lapse of the construction of the Media Row below., along with other Townhall Media sites, will be reporting, in part, from this new location. Be sure to check back next weeks for live updates from Cleveland.