Conservative Activists Let Republicans Slide on Debt Limit Cave

Posted: Oct 10, 2013 2:30 PM

Heritage Action for America, one of the key conservative activist groups behind the Defund Obamacare movement, announced today that, while they do not support Republican plans to pass a clean debt limit hike, they will not hold it against Republicans who vote for the measure.

"Ten days into their government shutdown, President Obama and Harry Reid refuse to acknowledge Obamacare is already wreaking havoc on hard-working Americans," Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham said in a statement. "We do not support clean debt ceiling increases, but because Heritage Action is committed to giving House Leadership the flexibility they need to refocus the debate on Obamacare we will not key vote against the reported proposal."

There is still no legislative language to confirm any thing yet, but it appears House Republican leaders want to pass a bill that would raise the debt limit through November 22nd. Republicans will reportedly not attach any other language to the bill, but instead will ask Obama for a verbal commitment to negotiate with them on the issue.

Nothing in the bill would hold Obama accountable in anyway if he didn't negotiate.

It is also unclear how House Republicans would keep the debt limit hike from extending past November 22nd. The debt limit is a number that the federal government can't borrow above, not a day the federal government can't borrow past.

In January of this year, House Republicans passed a debt limit hike they said would extend till mid-May. But the Treasury was able to make that borrowing authority last till mid-October.

It is unclear why this six week debt limit hike couldn't turn into a six month hike.

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