Here Are The 58 Democrats Who Want To Impeach Trump
Christine Rousselle  |  @crousselle  | December 07, 2017

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted down a resolution from Rep. Al Green (D-TX) that would have begun the impeachment process against President Donald Trump. Only 58 members of Congress, including Green, voted in favor of the resolution.

The resolution was not the actual articles of impeachment, but rather was a procedural measure. 

Here's a list of the 58 Democrats in the House of Representatives who voted in favor of Green's resolution: 

On Twitter, Green thanked those who voted alongside him, and said that this would not be the last vote concerning Trump's impeachment. Green said he held "no animus" against his colleagues who voted against impeaching the president. Notably, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) did not vote for Green's resolution. 

Green has been calling for Trump's impeachment in Congress since this past May.

This kind of stunt seems like nothing more than a massive waste of time. Trump is not a dictator, and there's no proof he's committed any sort of impeachable offense. Congress has better things to do than this. 

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