No, This Is Not How Portugal Does The Internet

Posted: Nov 24, 2017 10:30 AM

As the debate over net neutrality policies has begun once again, this tweet from California State Rep. Ro Khanna (D) has gone viral on Twitter:

His follow-up tweets stated that the United States would be looking at something similar if net neutrality were to go away. 

Small issue: Not only does Portugal have net neutrality, as it's part of the European Union, the image that Khanna tweeted is actually for mobile phone internet plans. Mobile internet plans are, and always have been, completely different from regular cable internet plans used in one's home. Further, those add-on bonuses are a cheaper alternative for adding extra data for those specific apps rather than buying a bigger data plan--not that people are paying extra for the use of those apps or to access those websites. 

This dishonest tweet has been picked up and spread, with many people echoing Khanna's claim that Portugal lacks net neutrality and that their standard internet plans are like this image.

Even Business Insider wrote a piece about how this completely bogus tweet could be the sign of things to come in the United States.

Regardless of a person's thoughts on an issue, it's very important to be honest in presenting arguments either for or against something. This is scaremongering and inaccurate information. 

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