Confirmed: Here's James Comey's Secret Twitter

Posted: Oct 23, 2017 1:30 PM
Confirmed: Here's James Comey's Secret Twitter

A Twitter account long thought to belong to former FBI Director James Comey effectively confirmed that he is behind the account on Monday. The account, which has the handle @FormerBu and the name "Reinhold Niebuhr," first was suspected to be Comey's this past March, when he said that he was secretly on Twitter and Instagram under an assumed name. 

The account had laid mostly dormant for a while, but recently started tweeting out pictures during the last week. In his latest tweet, he said he would continue to tweet in "useful ways." 

Here's the six tweets currently on the account, from oldest to newest: 

An "Anchorman" reference to the FBI jobs website, a month before he was dismissed:

A scene from West Point:

Little Round Top: 

Some pictures of Iowa:

And finally this one, which all-but-confirmed that Comey himself is tweeting: 

Of course, because this is the internet and also 2017, everyone made the same joke about how a visit to Iowa signals a potential political run in the future. (Because, I mean, why else would people visit Iowa?*)

Regardless, it's kind of amusing that Comey has finally unveiled his secret Twitter account. 

Happy tweeting! 

*This is a joke, please don't crucify me in the comments section. I'm sure Iowa is fine.

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