Stephen Colbert Gave Hillary Clinton All of His Unused Jokes About Her Presidential Victory

Posted: Sep 21, 2017 12:25 PM

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" host Stephen Colbert gifted Hillary Clinton a packet of jokes he would have used had she defeated President Donald Trump on Election Night. Colbert said that he did a live show on Showtime on Election Day in the same studio where he films his show, and that the scene turned into one not unlike a funeral when it became clear that Clinton would not win the election. 

"I found out right sitting in this chair (...) that our next president was going to be Donald J. Trump. And I was not happy about this. The audience that night was, honest to God, like on the edge of tears in this room. It was like we were all at a funeral in this room. And I was drinking a fair amount of bourbon." 

Colbert then presented Clinton with a manilla envelope containing the jokes and the script they had prepared for her victory. He explained that they had filmed a video with Katy Perry about how now that a woman was in charge, men would be in a lower place in society. There was also a scrapped skit involving naked men with "I'm With Her" written on their bottoms. Clinton appeared shocked when she was shown a picture of the men, and Colbert joked that they may not be able to actually show the image on television. 

Clinton initially appeared shocked at the image of the men, and then accepted the "gift." She commiserated with Colbert that he had been unable to use the jokes due to her loss, saying that she also wished he had been able to use them.                 

"I wish you were our president," Colbert said to end the segment.