Live Updates: U.K. Election Results

Posted: Jun 08, 2017 5:17 PM
Live Updates: U.K. Election Results

UPDATE (10:10 p.m.):  Former Deputy PM Nick Clegg has lost his seat.

UPDATE (9:51 p.m.): Here's the latest numbers.

UPDATE (9:14 p.m.): The Conservatives have lost two seats, and Labour has gained four.

UPDATE (8:23 p.m.):  Labour has gained a seat from SNP.

UPDATE (7:38 p.m.): Results are still trickling in. There have been ten seats called so far--all holds.

UPDATE (6:15 p.m.): The first official results are in, and Labour has held a seat.

Further, happening with the polls.

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Polls have closed in the U.K.'s snap general election, and exit polling indicates that Theresa May and the Conservative Party will remain in power as the largest party, but may not have a majority in parliament. The Scottish Nationalist Party did not do as well as expected and suffered big losses.

If these exit polls are accurate, this means that there will be a hung parliament. A party must win 326 seats for a majority.

This post will be updated as results come in.