Cosmopolitan Posts Picture of A Sikh For Article About Muslim Cab Drivers

Posted: May 23, 2017 2:55 PM

While the world watched in horror at the news of a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on Monday evening, ordinary Mancunians jumped in to do whatever they could to assist the survivors of the attack. There were dozens of stories of hotels taking in stranded children, adults helping to lead scared concertgoers to safety, and taxi drivers driving people home for free. These are all incredibly inspiring stories, and are nice reminders that even in the midst of unspeakable horror, some sort of "good" can emerge.

And then there's this (now-deleted) tweet, from Cosmopolitan: "Muslim Taxi Drivers Took Kids Trying to Escape the Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Home For Free"...with a picture of a man who is actually a Sikh.

And boy, were people not thrilled.

Still, questions remained as to why the man was described as a Muslim when he had previously been identified as a Sikh by other outlets. (Further, he's wearing a turban and beard, which are rather obvious indicators of his religion.)

It's wonderful that taxi drivers stepped up to do the decent thing in a horrible situation. It's not entirely necessary to single out taxi drivers of a certain religious belief--one would hope that human charity would be a universal concept.