Friday Fun: This Adorable BBC News Blooper

Posted: Mar 10, 2017 10:40 AM

On live television, anything can happen. For some Friday Fun, let's take a look at one of the more adorable news bloopers to happen in recent memory. Professor Robert E. Kelly, who teaches political science at Pusan National University, was being interviewed on BBC about the South Korean president being thrown out of office. Well, in theory...because two very small, very cute children decided that they had other plans and they became the star of the interview instead.


To borrow a line from Stefon from "Saturday Night Live," this video has everything. First, there's child no. 1, who just came strutting in the room without a care in the world:

Not to be outdone, child no. 2 appears out of nowhere, almost WWE-style, toddling in on a walker with no clue what is going on at all.

Then, the piece de resistance: the woman who came sliding in like a cartoon character to wrangle the children out of the room...

...who then pulls the ultimate "mom goals" moment, having successfully corralled the children out, by shutting the door while on her knees. (The screams of protest can be heard through the door as well.)

Kelly seemed rather unamused by the whole affair, and asked if it was going to be the kind of thing that "goes 'viral' and gets weird?"

At the time of writing, this video was the top post on Reddit and has been viewed thousands of times. So yes, it went viral.