Trump Calls DNC Race "Totally Rigged"

Posted: Feb 26, 2017 10:40 AM

Donald Trump has weighed in on yesterday's DNC chairman election: he thinks it was rigged for Clinton-backed candidate Tom Perez, who won over Sanders-supported Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). In a tweet early Sunday morning, Trump said that Bernie's guy "never had a chance."

Sanders said that he himself did not agree with Trump's tweet, but he also then asked Perez to change the system.

On the flip side, Perez tweeted at Trump that he refers to go by "Tom," and that he'll also be his worst nightmare for the next four years.

While it may not have been entirely "rigged" for Perez, the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is likely going to feel quite slighted by the various shenanigans that went down during both the primary and during the DNC chair election. This is not a small group, and if the DNC is smart, they'll have to be on the lookout to ensure that they don't abandon the party altogether. The 2016 election served as a wake-up call for the Democrats--and it's not entirely clear they're willing to actually address what is happening.

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