Man Shuts Down Anti-Trump Protest With Four Words

Posted: Jan 26, 2017 9:10 AM

Students at the University of Washington staged a protest after President Trump's inauguration on Friday, and at one point stormed into the library with a megaphone and some signs.

After causing a ruckus and yelling about equal power (what?), an unlikely hero emerged. Our as-of-now anonymous dose of sanity appeared out of nowhere, and managed to shut down the protest with just four words--"Hey...this is library." It's unknown if he's a student or an employee at the library.

Watch the hilarious exchange:

I mean, he's not wrong. It was indeed a library. After his brave request that the protestors stop acting like children, something that sounds like "go back to Beijing" can be heard, although it's unclear if this is what was actually said. If that's true, that's pretty gross and very hypocritical of the protestors.

I fail to see how bringing a megaphone into a library, where people are presumably trying to do work to better themselves and better society, is going to endear people to a cause. Perhaps these protestors should switch to a major that requires them to actually spend time in the library.