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Memento Mori

Awesome: Pro-Life Feminist Group's Response to Planned Parenthood's "What Women Need" Video

On Monday, Planned Parenthood's president Cecile Richards tweeted a Vine that supposedly showed "what women need" for Valentine's Day. According to Richards, one of the things that women "need" for the holiday is "safe + legal abortion."


New Wave Feminists, a group of self-described "badass pro-life feminists," took offense to Richards' claim that women need abortions for Valentine's Day, and instead launched their own counter campaign to show "What Women REALLY Need."

Here are a few highlights:

1. "Non-violent options for an unplanned pregnancy"

2. "To know they are strong enough to choose life!"

3. "...resources to be empowered to make non-violent choices"

4. "The truth: abortion hurts. Forever."

5. "A pregnancy care center in place of every Planned Parenthood."

6. "Real men! Who will always love + protect them and their children"

7. "Prenatal care (which Planned Parenthood does not provide)"

8. "The right to life"

Kudos to New Wave Feminists for this awesome rebuttal and for showing that pro-life feminists are not mythical creatures.

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