Best of the Blogs

Posted: Aug 18, 2009 6:37 AM
Good Morning everybody!  Checking in with the daily round-up of the Best from the Townhall Blogging Community.

Mark Meed feels that the mainstream media has 'planted the gun' - so to speak - on the Right to try and undermine the activty of those protesting at town hall meetings.

Patrick Bohan runs down 20 questions that could be asked to expose ObamaCare for what it is.

Often, the Right is attacked for only being the "Party of No" and not offering any plan to move forward with.  Dr. Pete counters that argument and presents his plan of attack for the personal-finance dilemma.

Despite historical instances that would indicate a Republican surge in 2010, Vansword is not optimistic.  Why?

Clear Commentary analyzes whether we are sitting on the brink of a Republican rebirth

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