President Obama Inadvertently Makes the Case for Eliminating the Death Tax

Posted: Jan 25, 2011 10:29 PM
The president and his party have never advocated getting rid of the Death Tax. They despise the rich in America -- except the rich who populate their Congressional Caucus and donate to their campaigns.

They want to punish the children/families of extremely successful Americans who happen to do the unthinkable (and apparently highly lucrative in the eyes of the IRS and Democratic Party) -- die.

But in tonight's State of the Union Address, the president made the Right's case for eliminating the Death Tax:
We measure progress by the success of our people. By the jobs they can find and the quality of life those jobs offer. By the prospects of a small business owner who dreams of turning a good idea into a thriving enterprise. By the opportunities for a better life that we pass on to our children.
Americans want the chance to be highly successful and pass it on our our kids. Thanks for making our point, Mr. President.