The Truth About the Left's Health Care Paradise: Shocking Photos From Cuba's 'Free' Health Care

Posted: Mar 04, 2010 11:59 AM
Liberals pushing for free health care often site Fidel Castro's fiefdom as evidence of how to do it right. Problem is, foreign leaders, celebrities, patients and media are shown only the good stuff that is maintained for PR purposes and for the Cuban elite.

Humberto Fontova wrote about this for us in "Cuba's Free and Fabulous Health Care." If you haven't read it, please do -- it is a great tutorial on the truth about Fidel's glorious hospitals.

In his piece, Fontova mentions a site called "The Real Cuba." The site gives the real story about what's going on at the Left's island paradise. The page on Cuban health care is sobering. Here are a few photos from "The Real Cuba" -- if you first think you're looking at photos from Auschwitz, don't be surprised.

We'll have more in the upcoming issue of Townhall Magazine.

A patient at the Hogar Provincial de Ancianos Marina Azcuy in Pinar del Rio.

Emergency Room at Quinta Covadonga, now known as Salvador Allende in Havana

More shocking photos after the break.  Warning: Some images may be disturbing.
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A patient with an injured foot at Marina Azcuy.

A Cuban patient at one of Cuba's "free" health care facilities.

Another patient covered with flies.

Floors at the Marina Azcuy facility covered with excrement.

An amputee patient at Marina Azcuy.

Boy, oh, boy, I hope we emulate Cuba's "free" health care system. I want that kind of "paradise."

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