Bo Snerdley Calls Out NFL Players and the Race Baiters

Posted: Oct 19, 2009 12:41 PM
Bo Snerdley, official Obama criticizer for the Rush Limbaugh Show, had a great rant on Friday. Here's a key portion:
Now, my NFL brothers, let me ask you a question here.  Who was it that whipped Michael Vick a new one after he got done in the joint? Was it Rush?  Nope.  It was a bunch of your white liberal sportswriter guys pretending they loved their dogs more than they loved their wives, okay?  That's who ripped all over Michael Vick.  Who's been ripping Plaxico, who's been ripping Pacman?  Every time y'all get going... Who was it that ran T.O. on up out of Dallas, yo?  Okay, was it Rush?  No.  Okay? 

Now for all of you homeys, this is outside the NFL. For all my brothers and sisters, y'all want to get pissed off about somebody insulting black people? Why don't y'all watch BET, Black "Exploitation" Television, okay?  You want to know who's calling black women, "Bitches ho this, bitches ho that"?  Is it Rush Limbaugh?  No.  Who's telling y'all that all you can do is jiggle your butts on TV?  Is it Rush Limbaugh?  Rush ain't your enemy, yo.

You know what the biggest threat to black men is in America, yo? It ain't Rush Limbaugh.  It's other black men who are killing off brothers like they did that young boy out in Chicago, okay?  A quarter of our brothers don't even make it to be age 25 'cause they get shot up by other black men.  Is Rush out there pulling the trigger?  No.  And y'all brothers, you got anything to say about it?  Especially y'all in the NFL.  Y'all get paid, y'all leave the hood, that's that. Not a word. Okay?

Now, for all of y'all who live deep in the hood, I got another question: Is it Rush Limbaugh stopping your kids from being educated in your run-down schools, in your run-down-ass neighborhoods?  No.  Who is it?  And where's Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on that instead of flapping their mouth about all this other stuff that they don't know anything else about?  How come Al, Jesse, and y'all are living large and the 'hood is still the 'hood?
This aired Friday. And Rush announced on today's show that the audio had been posted to YouTube.

Here it is:

The transcript is here.