How to Get Good Health Care in Great Britain

Posted: Sep 01, 2009 11:08 AM
The Institute for Policy Innovation's Merrill Matthews details how to get good health care in Great Britain in this week's Sound Byte:
How do you get good health care in Great Britain?

The Institute for Policy Innovation’s Dr. Merrill Matthews says become a dog.

A British physician writes in The Wall Street Journal that his dog has a better health care system than most Brits.

In the privately funded animal system dogs can:
*Pick their doctor, and change veterinarians if the service is bad.
*Have no waiting line.
*Get treated immediately.
*And the Brits even have a safety net system for dogs with no money.
The British public isn’t so lucky. The government, which runs the health care system, wants to ensure that everyone is treated equally, which means everyone is treated equally bad.

In trying to prevent a two-tiered health care system where rich people get health care and the poor can’t, England has created a government-financed health care system were people can’t get good health care, but dogs can.
Listen here.
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