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Profiling Gets Consideration

The British government is actually considering, get ready for this, “a screening system that allows security staff to focus on those passengers who pose the greatest risk.”


To even have to say that is a sign of politically correct insanity. Later in the story:

Three days before last week’s arrests, the highest-ranking Muslim police officer in Britain gave warning that profiling techniques based on physical appearance were already causing anger and mistrust among young Muslims. Tarique Ghaffur, an assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said: “We must think long and hard about the causal factors of anger and resentment.”

Of course, the same applies here in the United States, where my one year-old son, wearing only a diaper and a onesie, was told at the Atlanta airport to stand up straight and hold his arms straight out to the side. When I tried to help my son do just that, I was told by the security goon “don’t help him.”

“If I don’t help him, “I explained, “he simply won’t do it.” After a few minutes of having my son grab the wand being waved under his chubby little arms, Mr. Security finally let me help him.

The world waited as my baby was checked for explosives.

Apparently the concern over “causal factors of anger and resentment” applies only to Muslims.


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