A Waste - For Everyone But Obama's Donors

Posted: Mar 12, 2014 8:59 PM
A Waste - For Everyone But Obama's Donors

Despite the existence of a dangerous world -- Russia and Iran just for starters -- Secretary of Defense Hagel recently proposed cutting the US military to pre-World War II levels.

Not only is that a terrible idea, it's particularly galling given that President Obama has wasted $120 billion on global warming over the past five years. That's more than twice the annual Social Security deficit. That's enough to have bought 1,400 F-35's -- or even "buy an iPad for every kid in school, pay for a months worth of gas for every American or give a $323 tax rebate to every American."

Angry yet? Keep in mind that fully 80% of the Energy Department's "Green Loan" program went to Obama backers. Cozy.