WA ObamaCare Exchange Erroneously Debits Patient Bank Accounts

Posted: Dec 15, 2013 5:50 PM
WA ObamaCare Exchange Erroneously Debits Patient Bank Accounts

Maybe the Obama administration thought nothing could be worse than a web site that didn't work. But that's not necessarily true -- just ask those forced into ObamaCare exchanges in Washington state.

Some report that their bank accounts are being wrongly debited -- some having money deducted from their accounts twice, others being billed before the date they had selected, creating significant cash flow problems, especially before Christmas.

Officials say the problem is being investigated.

Glitches, grinches -- it's all the same for the unfortunates stuck in the system.

Update: Bethany Frey, an employee of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, contacted Townhall to state that the internal investigation had been completed, finding no wrongdoing on the Exchange's part. A follow-up piece by local Seattle television station, King 5 News, reported:

The Healthplanfinder staff investigated their case and could find no problems with the payment system, and that their records show the Bruners scheduled the earlier date as their payment date.

A spokesperson says enrollees received several email notifications to confirm the payment date for their premiums, but admits that because the site has been down for much of last week, that it would have been difficult for any enrollee to login to read those messages.