From Clinton Foundation to Muslim Brotherhood Biggie

Posted: Sep 19, 2013 4:35 PM

Just one question: How did a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer -- connected enough to become a top communications official in the Morsi government -- came to be employed at the Clinton Foundation?

Gehad al-Haddad, who was a senior official in the Muslim Brotherhood/Morsi government, has been arrested in Egypt on charges of inciting violence.

Given the military coup in Egypt, it's not that surprising that a top spokesman for the Morsi government would be held. What is surprising is that much of Gehad al-Haddad's official work for the Brotherhood was being done while he was claiming to be employed by the Clinton Foundation.

Apparently, al-Haddad is from a prominent family of Muslim Brotherhood supporters. So did the Clintons know of his political affiliations when they hired him? Were they aware of the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamist ties and background? How did they come to employ him -- and for what?

And the big question: What kind of judgment does this demonstrate by the former President and Secretary of State?

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