New Facts in IRS Scandal Emerge -- Slowly

Posted: Aug 06, 2013 11:40 AM

A week after Townhall readers first heard about it here, CNN is reporting today that there is a serious possibility that collusion existed between the FEC and the IRS.

Commissioner Don McGahn (you read about him here) states that he has seen emails that suggest someone at the FEC might have been seeking private information from the IRS's Lois Lerner -- a likely violation of federal law.

The FEC's Democrat chairwoman (hewing to the party line) insists she has seen no email that raises any questions.  Neither has Congress, of course, because -- as a bipartisan couple of senators noted -- the IRS has not produced most of the relevant documents that have been requested.

Indeed, by the IRS's own account, only 70,000 of the 1.64 million potentially relevant pages have been produced -- many heavily redacted.

That's how you "slow walk" an investigation, my friends.  Time is long past for a select committee.  If nothing wrong happened -- or progressives were likewise targeted as Democrats claim -- why are Democrats resisting the idea?  If something wrong did occur, why aren't the Democrats more outraged at the violation of the rights of innocent Americans?