Surprise! DC Least Honest Place in America

Posted: Jul 25, 2013 7:32 PM
Honest Tea has run a clever little marketing operation, setting up kiosks in each of the fifty states (and the nation's capital), setting up unmanned kiosks offering tea for $1 and asking passersby to put their cash into a nearby box.  The company then looked to see which states' residents tended most often to pay for their tea.
Is anyone surprised that the nation's capital came in dead last? There, only 80% of residents paid for the tea they took; in contrast, everyone who took tea in Hawaii and Alabama paid up -- with Indiana and Maine boasting a 99% payment rate.
This is the fifth year Honest Tea has conducted the experiment, but the first in which every state (plus DC) was included.  Anecdotal but nonetheless revealing, no?  And sort of sad for the city named for our famously honest first president.