Another Brick In the (Stone) Wall

Posted: Nov 01, 2012 10:40 AM

Fox News is reporting that a classified cable sent to the State Deprtment in August warned that there were Al Qaeda training csmps in Benghazi, that the Libyan government was incapable of keeping order there, and that requests for enhanced security would be forthcoming (

Obviously, this completely shreds previous administration claims that there were no warnings about potential dangers to American interests (although the cable didn't mention a specific threat). Even so, it's pretty damning -- imagone the outcry if, a month before 9/11, airlines and pilots had requested extra security because of a stated potential of Al Qaeda attack and those requests had been ignored.

With most of the MSM refusing to report on these facts before the election, we are watching the press not just sit on an incredibly important story --  we are watching the destruction of whatever reputation they still had for professional integrity.