Hubris Alert: Obama Believed He Had "Beaten" Romney

Posted: Oct 09, 2012 2:18 PM

A shocking report in the UK Daily Mail reports that Obama is so out of touch that he left the stage in Denver believing he had won the debate.

What's more -- no shocker here! -- he was completely unprepared:

[A] Democrat close to the Obama campaign today reveals that the President also did not take his debate preparation seriously, ignored the advice of senior aides and ignored one-liners that had been prepared to wound Romney.

Apparently, according to the source, "the central problem was that the President was so disdainful of Romney that he didn't believe he needed to engage with him."  As I noted earlier today, let's hope his judgment is better when it comes to dealing with foreign leaders.

Truly, this story is amazing in the arrogance and cluelessness it reveals.  What's more,  it sets a very high bar for the President in the next debate.  Just as his apparent passivity in the last debate creates a problem for him -- does he come out like a rabid dog the next time to compensate for it?! -- so does the narrative about lack of preparation and the idea he wasn't really trying.  Not only does it suggest that he really couldn't care less about keeping his job, it also means that at the next debate, if he's to validate these claims that he lost because he wasn't really trying, he'd better be able to walk on water and beat Romney the way Romney beat him.  Otherwise, it'll be fair to conclude that no -- he actually lost because he's just not that good.