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Obama & Skyrocketing Gas Prices

This morning, I filled my car with gas.  Regular is at $4.49 per gallon right outside New York city. Remember when candidate Barack Obama inveighed against "them" (the oil companies) when gas prices were $3.50 per gallon in 2008?!



Perhaps that $90 billion devoted to Solyndra and other "green energy" hasn't quite yielded the dividends the President had promised they would.  But there's no real reason the President should be upset about current gas prices, right?  After all, back in the day, he signaled that he had no real problem with a "gradual [upward] adjustment" in gas prices:

And all this, despite the lagging economy, and the President's acknowledgement that gas prices are, in essence, a tax (and, I'd add, a regressive one that falls disproportionately hard on the working poor and the productive):

Yet again, it seems that things haven't quite worked out the way Candidate Obama promised in 2008.  Has the rise of the oceans started to slow, yet?

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