A Sad Day for Religious Freedom

Posted: Aug 01, 2012 8:04 PM
The day shouldn't pass without noting that it has been a dark one for religious liberty. Today was the day that the ObamaCare HHS mandate -- requiring coverage of abortifacients and contraceptives regardless of religious belief -- went into effect.

As Townhall readers know, freedom of religion was a founding principle of the USA.  Even those who might have no personal objection to the mandate should feel a sense of foreboding, now that we've apparently reached a point where the government feels free to tell those holding mainstream Christian beliefs that they must violate those beliefs -- or else violate the law.

To paraphrase the words of a famous American pastor, a loss of liberty anywhere is a threat to liberty everywhere.

Let us hope that the long lines reflecting support for Chik-Fil-A's right to hold faith-based views are repeated this November at the polling booth -- reflecting the same revulsion against efforts to shut down Americans' liberty of conscience.