HHS Regs to be Warren's Downfall?

Posted: Feb 21, 2012 7:26 PM
For the first time since last fall, Republican Scott Brown leads Elizabeth Warren in the race for the US Senate seat in Massachusetts.  Note that the momentum shifted not long after Warren came out in full-throated support of the assault on religious freedom, while Brown opposed it.

For a beautiful example of how Republicans should be treating the issue -- as one of liberty, not contraception -- check out Senator Brown's op/ed on the regs.  Really masterful . . . even to the point of invoking Teddy Kennedy to make his point!

Note also that Brown now leads Warren among independents; they're telling the Suffolk poll that she's "liberal," while he's "fair/fair-minded."  There's a lesson in there somewhere for the presidential field -- namely, that a certain degree of temperance just in the way one discusses controversial issues can get you very, very far.