Big, Bad News?

Posted: Jan 18, 2012 8:07 PM
At this hour, the Drudge Report is announcing that ABC has a big interview with Marianne Gingrich, allegedly highly injurious to the Gingrich campaign, but that those at the network are fighting about whether to air the interview before the South Carolina primary.

What sickening behavior from ABC -- to let this story leak and then contemplate not running the interview until after the South Carolina primary.

It could be argued that they'd hold off on the interview to help Obama, hoping that Gingrich will win South Carolina and thereby prolong the internecine warfare among Republicans.

On the other hand -- and I've been no fan of Gingrich's conduct of his campaign -- it's terribly unfair to the former Speaker if the interview would have turned out to be a "nothing" had it aired, but instead the rumors about it unjustly suppress his vote in South Carolina (no, I'm not rooting for him, but whatever happened to fair play?!).

Now that the fact of the supposedly damaging interview has leaked, ABC owes South Carolina voters, the Gingrich campaign, and Americans generally more than a cynical effort to goose their own ratings and visibility -- or a secret assist to the incumbent President.  Show us the tape.