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"Newt Notes" Embraces RomneyCare

The Wall Street Journal has found an edition of a Gingrich newsletter from five years ago enthusiastically embracing RomneyCare -- the same Massachusetts health care plan that he has been enthusiastically denouncing in the presidential primary campaign.

Personally, I would be much happier if Governor Romney would distance himself from the plan, admit its shortcomings, and explain what he has learned from it.  Similarly, if Gingrich had simply conceded his earlier support for the plan and explained why his views had changed, I'd have nothing to say about that . . . maybe it would be one more example of political opportunism, but at least it would have had the virtue of being somewhat straightforward with voters.

But there's something that's disturbingly Clintonian in Gingrich's decision to base his major criticism of Romney on Romney's support for a health care plan that he himself embraced -- especially as he attempts to mislead Republicans into believing that he's been largely consistent on the health care issue.

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