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The Dems' Primary Principle

Despite his own admission that it's a terrible idea to raise taxes when the economy is struggling, President Obama is rejecting any solution to the debt ceiling crisis that doesn't involve tax increases -- and 
not just tax increases on "the rich," but also on the middle and working classes.

Republicans should make sure this is a moment they seize to educate the American people about what Democrats really believe: President Obama is willing to create a fiscal crisis in this country over the principle that -- when the government overspends -- it's better to increase taxes on struggling voters than simply to force the government to live within its means.

Of course, it's political, too.  Obama and the rest of the Democrats know that forcing Republicans to submit to a tax increase would help them blur the clear distinction that currently exists between the two parties when it comes to debates about the size of government, and tax increases.  Right now, they realize the GOP has a clear advantage -- and they are, it seems, willing to do whatever it takes to see that advantage neutralized before 2012, when the voters get to weigh in.

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