Out of Their (Ivy) League?

Posted: Dec 22, 2010 4:30 PM
(Sorry about any technical difficulties that ensue with this post; internet coverage has been interrupted and flukey due to the weather here in Southern California.)

I agree with his view that it's shameful and wrong for elite universities to have treated the military -- those who make their existence and freedom possible -- as unwelcome interlopers.

But when I read about the enthusiasm being expressed by President Obama, Lee Bollinger of Columbia and Drew Faust of Harvard for the return of military programs on campus. it was with a distinct sense of disquiet.

That's because lefties like them are NOT reaching out to the military so that the privileged, elite, overwhelmingly liberal student bodies at Ivy League universities will adopt the more conservative, more traditional values of the military.  Rather, they are hoping that their students will be able to change the military -- and turn it into a profoundly different institution than it is today.

They realize that it would be impossible to change the military -- as they've changed academia, culture (via Hollywood) and the media -- by opposing it from the outside.  They know that the best way to change it is from within.

And that makes me nervous for the American military, because no American institution that becomes overly populated by liberals and lefties has emerged stronger, healthier and better.