What Do the Candidates Think?

Posted: Sep 07, 2010 11:26 AM
The President insisted on a stimulus that turned out to exceed $800 billion dollars.  It was supposed to put America back to work, creating 3.5 million new jobs.  Instead, 49 out of 50 states lost jobs and unemployment has soared.  In other words, it didn't work.  Oh yeah, and it's driven our deficit, both absolutely and in terms of percentage of GNP, into the stratosphere.  For nothing.

So how is the President responding?, He's proposing a second stimulus, and tells us that this one -- a "mere" $50 billion -- is going to succeed where the other one failed.

Question of the Day: Do Democrats running for the House and Senate support his plan for a second "stimulus"?   

(Incidentally, as a political matter, the President is doing his party's candidates no favors by playing this gambit.  There isn't time actually to get any legislation done, and it only forces them to discuss their dismal economic record. 

What's more, the proposal also highlights the self-imposed limitations of Obama's left-wing ideology; rather than considering something that might actually help -- like keeping the Bush tax cuts and/or offering an R&D tax credit -- all he can do is keep on pushing the same liberal policies that have already failed.)