The Romanoff Mess Deepens

Posted: Jun 03, 2010 10:16 PM
If this account from the Denver Post is true, The White House was making it abundantly clear to Democrat Andrew Romanoff that an administration post might well be his if he dropped his primary challenge to Michael Bennett.

So were any crimes committed?  It's not clear (although it appears that there was plenty of intent to evade the spirit, if not the letter, of the law).  The only way we'll ever know if laws were broken is . . . if there's an investigation.   

What is clear, at the very least, is that there was a pattern and practice in the Obama administration of offering potential benefits to "inconvenient" Senate candidates in order to tempt them to drop divisive primary bids that might injure Democrats.

If the press is willing simply to take Democrats' word that "there's nothing to see here" when it comes to Romanoff/Sestak, it will be the most one-sided, pro-left dereliction of investigatory duty in recent years.