Still a Bunch of Bitter Clingers

Posted: May 26, 2010 12:20 PM
Here is the trancript of President Obama's remarks at a fundraiser on behalf of California Senator Barbara Boxer.

This one part especially caught my eye:

And [change]'s hard not just because of the special interests, although they’re there, but it’s also hard because, you know what, everybody gets kind of comfortable with the devil they know.  And change can be scary.  And people can be frightened. 

According to President Obama, then, the "bitter clingers" are still among us.

It's remarkable that President Obama always sees opposition to his agenda as something psychologically suspect -- whether it's the small-town folks who are "bitter" and therefore clinging to guns and religion, or people being "frightened" of what he sees as beneficial change and therefore clinging to "the devil they know."

It would be a truly welcome and refreshing "change" for the President to have the honesty to admit that many Americans oppose his agenda -- not because they're bitter or "frightened" of the allegedly better plans he has for us -- but because they vehemently disagree with his understanding of what America is, and his vision of what it should become.

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