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Frustration OUTSIDE RNC, Too

Fox News ran a piece entitled "Growing 'Frustration' With Steele Inside RNC."  Good -- maybe the climate inside the RNC is beginning to match the climate outside
the RNC, where hardworking people aren't used to enjoying trips to strip clubs, or private jets, or swanky hotels paid for by others' contributions.  Oh, and without any transparency, too.

The recent scandal about RNC spending -- and no, I'm not just referring to the strip club debacle -- is an outrage:

"For the first time I can remember, we have less cash on hand than the Democrats, and that's the real crime here, we should be spending our money more wisely." said one well placed Republican source. 

In February, the RNC raised $7.69 million but spent $7.71 million, beginning March with only $9.5 million in the bank.

The RNC's spokesman airily dismissed any concerns, stating that "[our members] think stories like this are overblown and just want us to concentrate on winning elections."

Yeah, I don't think so.  That's because the RNC is going to need money if it intends to play any useful role at all in winning elections.  And lots of people -- reasonably -- aren't going to be contributing to the RNC if they have to wonder if their donations will be used, not to toss Democrats out of Congress, but to subsidize trips to strip clubs -- or private jets, fancy hotels and Hawaiian getaways for Chairman Steele.

To win, Republicans are going to need to convince independents and Tea Party members that they are fiscally sane, sober and responsible.   Also, that they're not going to be arrogant blowhards and out-of-touch spenders (a la the Obamamaniacs) if Americans decide to trust them with a little power.  So far, nothing anyone at the RNC has done lately inspires much confidence.

Talk about an absolutely stupid, unforced error -- and a terrible response . . . .

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