Not That Complicated

Posted: Mar 16, 2010 3:33 PM
John Fund discusses the newest Democrat spin on the unpopularity of ObamaCare: It's not the bill Americans hate, it's just the process.  In support of that argument, Democrat pollster Joel Benenson insists that many voters like certain elements of the bill.

Certainly, there's no doubt that America hates the process, especially the kickbacks and procedural devices Democrats have entertained and used in order to push a profoundly disliked law. 

But that isn't all there is to it.  Voters hate the entirety of the bill, too.  In short, the pollster's argument is specious. 

Think of it in terms of food (yum - can you tell it's lunch time in California?!).  I like peanut butter and jelly.  I also like spicy salsa, and foie gras, too.   But I don't like them all together

And even if I do like foie gras, I realize that I have no business ordering it if I can't afford to pay the bill for it.

What's more, even if I did like the thoroughly disgusting combination of salsa, foie gras and peanut butter & jelly -- and even if I could easily afford the finest foie gras -- I'd unequivocally decline the entire menu if accepting it also required me to consume cyanide.

In other words, the popularity of isolated parts of the health care reform bill has nothing to do with the fact that, having had plenty of time to debate and learn about the legislation, Americans hate ObamaCare on the merits.

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