How ObamaCare Will Work

Posted: Jan 01, 2010 3:44 PM
The Mayo Clinic has dropped Medicare patients at its Glendale, Arizona clinic -- which means that if those on Medicare want to continue seeing their doctors, they will have to pay out of pocket (so much for the promises about being able to keep your doctor, at least if you're on Medicare!).

This is a warning to all those anticipating the brave new world of ObamaCare.  Given all the cuts coming to Medicare to balance the bills costs, many phusicians simply won't be able to afford to see Medicare patients -- the government will be paying them too little to do so.

Contrary to what Democrats want you to believe, the government cannot simply  mandate the payments that doctors will receive, without regard to market forces.  If they continue to try to do so -- and drive private insurers out of business -- the results will be: Rationing.  That's because doctors who can't  make a decent living will quit, medical care will be scarcer, and it will be allocated on whatever basis government bureaucrats decide to use.

That may be fine for the government insiders, but it's going to be terrible for ordinary Americans.

Let's hope this isn't the shape of things to come -- but it's a lot more likely if ObamaCare becomes law.
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