What Counts as a Warning?

Posted: Dec 27, 2009 4:31 PM
Remember when the left was up in arms about how President Bush was supposedly "warned" about 9/11?

It's always struck me as silly -- and more than a little unfair -- to expect any administration to be "warned" about a potential attack if it's just part of a list of thousands of potential problems.

That being said, given the 9/11 experience, wouldn't it be reasonable to expect that, if a man's own father warned the US about him and his intentions, that the potential troublemaker would at least make it onto a "no fly" list?

Or was the Obama administration too concerned about "labeling" someone a terrorist?

Most unbelievable of all, the Homeland Security secretary is claiming that "the system worked" -- although the plane was saved by the terrorist's bomb failing to detonate, not because of anything the US government did.  Reading the terrorist his Miranda rights doesn't count as the system "working," Madame Secretary.  Hoping that future terrorists will simply be incompetent bomb-makers is not a policy.
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