If Only . . .

Posted: Oct 08, 2009 10:26 PM
Look at Meredith's two posts directly below.  On the one hand, The White House declares a "take no prisoners" strategy against the fellow Americans who disagree with them, oppose their policies and actually dare (gasp!) to disagree with them.

On the other, the Obama administration is backpedaling as fast as it can on a vigorous prosecution of the war in Afghanistan, essentially surrendering to the Taliban despite Obama's protestations as a candidate (and subsequently) that defeating the Taliban should be a "top priority" of the United States.

It's a remarkably revealing juxtaposition that says a lot about the administration's priorities and sense of the world -- none of it good.  If only the Obama administration would go after America's enemies with half the energy it's reserving for attacking its political opponents . . .
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