A Threat to the Republic

Posted: May 04, 2009 9:53 AM
President Obama has said he wants to nominate a judge with "empathy" to replace Justice Souter.  My Townhall column explains why this is a threat to our republic -- and to our freedom.

In any case, make no mistake.  The President isn't talking about "empathy" in the abstract; in truth, he's seeking someone with a lot of "empathy" for a left-wing policy agenda:

Looking for a nominee who is concerned about whether people “can make a living and care for their families” means he is seeking a judge who will side with unions or plaintiffs against businesses.   Nominating a jurist who worries about whether people “feel safe in their homes” means finding a person who will greet with skepticism the claims of law enforcement in search and seizure (or national security) cases.  And selecting a judge pledged to make people feel “welcome in their own nation” means naming a justice with the politically correct views on hot button social issues ranging from gay marriage to affirmative action to immigration to removing faith from the public square.

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