"A Parable for Our Age"

Posted: Apr 16, 2009 3:21 PM
Here is more on Susan Boyle, a wonderful piece by Collette Douglas Home about the woman whose story (and singing) touched me (and many Townhall readers) so deeply that I posted it twice (here and here).  As the linked piece points out, her story is a "parable for our age":

Susan is a reminder that it's time we all looked a little deeper. She has lived an obscure but important life. She has been a companionable and caring daughter. It's people like her who are the unseen glue in society; the ones who day in and day out put themselves last. They make this country civilised and they deserve acknowledgement and respect.

Susan has been forgiven her looks and been given respect because of her talent. She should always have received it because of the calibre of her character.

It's worth remembering that Susan would have been infinitely precious in God's sight (as are we all) even if her voice had sounded like everyone expected it to.  And perhaps she is serving as a wonderful reminder both that beauty exists in even the most unlikely places -- and that it's right to be kind even (and especially) to those who might not seem to have been given many of the gifts this world deems to be the most important.