The "No Energy" Democrat Ticket

Posted: Sep 23, 2008 5:46 PM
Better keep those tire gauges and bicycles handy. 

First, Barack was against drilling (until political expediency dictated a position shift).  Then, he announced that nuclear energy wasn't a "panacea" for America's energy  needs.

And now, Joe Biden said today, "No coal plants here in America."  (They're A-OK for China, though).  By stating this position, he's casting doubt on Obama's pre-Kentucky-primary embrace of clean coal, and restating his own position in the primary.  Taken together, Obama/Biden opposes getting oil, any extensive use of nuclear energy, and drilling for coal.  So what, exactly, do they suggest?  And will wind (or solar) really power my car?

Hm.  Wonder how the voters in West Virginia and Pennsylvania feel about Biden's declaration.