The MSM and Dems Panic

Posted: Sep 04, 2008 12:10 AM
Listening to the CNN post-speech commentary offers a window into how panicked the MSM and the Democrats are by the Palin speech.

According to Dana Bash, Harry Reid has deemed the speech "shrill."  Wonder how many men's speeches he's characterized that way?  Attention: PUMAs.

As a result of the Palin speech, Carl Bernstein tried to paint the convention as a captive of the hard right (kudos to John King for pointing out that similar language wasn't used with the Dems and the hard left).  Donna Brazile went straight for the talking points distributed by the Obama campaign's Bill Burton (and without attribution - wonder how often this happens with her?).  Roland Martin took it upon himself to defend the honor of community organizers across the country, while Jeffrey Toobin decided to conduct his own on-the-spot alleged fact-check of the speech (did he perform the same service for the Dems? ha!) although he himself conceded that Palin clearly outperformed Biden.

The next line of attack will be to characterize Governor Palin as "shrill" (see Reid above) and "sarcastic," judging from the commentary.  Hm.  Wonder why they never call Mayor Giuliani "shrill" and "sarcastic"?