Barack Obama's Red Maserati

Posted: Aug 28, 2008 7:25 PM
Whenever one sees a not-too-cool guy gunning a hot sports car like a red Maserati, the natural reaction is to wonder: What are the "shortcomings" for which the car is supposed to compensate?

Looking at the Obama-opolis prompts the same sort of question.  Are the Democrats trying to use imposing surroundings to elevate an inexperienced rookie -- as a sort of last resort way to infuse a lightweight with some gravitas?  And don't they realize that the self-consciousness of the backdrop, coupled with what will no doubt be the inevitable invocations of Dr. King's magnificent "I Have a Dream" speech will shrink Barack by comparison?

Apparently  not.  As you watch the speech tonight -- excerpts of which Amanda has posted below -- ask yourself:

What in this speech about his reasons for running and/or love for America couldn't be said by any bright, young, highly educated, upwardly mobile American?

Is there any reference to what Barack actually has accomplished -- or is it all airy stardust promises for the future?

Does he offer any reason we can believe that he can actually deliver all the goodies and the perfect world he's promising?

Can he make a credible argument that he is the man to meet this moment?  What about him or his life qualifies him -- above his rival(s) -- to confront the threat of Islamofascist terrorism, a totalitarian world on the march, and secure America's economic welfare?

What are his core principles -- and more, how does his life and record up until now tell us about how he's lived them?

The speech will be heavy on rhetoric, on promises, and on feel-good moments about the progress that Barack himself symbolizes.  But leading America isn't about symbols and warm fuzzies.

It's about convictions, principles, accomplishments and experience.  It's about the guy who's driving the red maserati.