The Many Positions of Barack Obama

Posted: Jun 25, 2008 9:54 PM
It's worth keeping track of Barack's various flips and flops; you can bet the MSm isn't going to want to.  Here's a partial list, courtesy of David Limbaugh:

a) his condemnation of union contributions to the Clinton and Edwards campaigns as "special interest money" but his eager acceptance of such money for himself as coming from representatives of the "working people";

b) his flip on ending (January 2004) then retaining (August 2007) the Cuba embargo;

c) his March 2004 statement that opposed a crackdown on businesses hiring illegal immigrants, compared with his Jan. 31, 2008, debate statement endorsing such a crackdown;

d) his advocating the decriminalization of marijuana in January 2004 versus his Oct. 30, 2007, position opposing its decriminalization;

e) his jaw-dropping same-day flip on having Jerusalem remain the undivided capital of Israel;

f) his shameless reversal on NAFTA;

g) his nearly immediate backtracking on whether Iran poses a serious threat to America;
h) his progressive position shifts on Iraq -- as documented by Peter Wehner and Michael Barone -- from "don't go in, stay in, and get out";
i) and his vigorous defense then abandonment of both his pastor and his church.

Add to that his public finance switcheroo and his support for a FISA bill he had earlier vowed to filibuster.

This guy makes Bill Clinton look small time.

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