What a Whiner!!! / Version 2

Posted: Jun 17, 2008 11:59 AM
Back in May, I noted that Barack Obama was hinting that John McCain was benefiting from an imbalance in press coverage -- and noted the irony of a candidate who has, perhaps, received the most media adulation since JFK registering such a complaint.

Well, as Jake Tapper notes, Barack's at it again, claiming that John McCain has been "getting a pass" from the media.  (That's right, the same media that dutifully reported a scurrilous story in the NY Times, on which its own ombudsman called foul.)

Is there a pattern of petulance among the Obama team?  After all, when a Saturday Night Live spoof portraying a sycophantic press has resonance -- and he's sending thrills up the leg of a man being considered as Tim Russert's successor, just how unfair can the press coverage have been?

Finally, it strikes me that if Barack is really serious about winning over Hillary's voters -- especially the females -- he might do well to keep a low profile about the quality of his press coverage.   Some reporting suggests that the supposedly "sexist" tenor of the media coverage is a particular sore spot for Hillary's voters.  Hearing Barack or his people whine about their coverage isn't likely to hasten the unity process . . . in fact, it may be engendering only more bitterness.