A Candidate Worth Supporting

Posted: May 27, 2008 10:16 PM
One often hears Republicans bemoaning the relative scarcity of women willing to run for office under the GOP banner.  Perhaps that means that when a superbly qualified candidate who happens to be a woman emerges, it's worth offering our support.

Gabriella Holt is running for the California State Assembly.  We became acquainted here in the Golden State through our mutual interest in politics, and she'd be a wonderful addition to a state legislature badly in need of some common sense and intelligence.  Gabriella is a registered nurse and has been an elected member of her school board for eight years.

Although I generally wouldn't write about a state race here, Gabriella is exactly the kind of woman that Republicans should be recruiting and supporting if they want to erase the edge that Democrats now enjoy among women.

Here is Gabriella's web site.