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That Would Be One Interesting Conversation

In last July's YouTube debate, Barack Obama said he would talk without pre-condition to leaders including Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (yes, he did say it, despite the best efforts of the New York Times on Saturday 
to paper over that fact).

Well, that would be one interesting conversation, judging from an op/ed appearing in today's New York Times.  Edward Luttwak argues that under Muslim law, Barack Obama's conversion to Christianity was apostasy -- and guess what?  A law calling for the death penalty for such apostasy is pending in Iran's parliament.

It should go without saying that this sort of thing constitutes no reason for Americans to vote against Barack -- just as Hillary Clinton's status as a woman (considered second class citizens in many parts of the world) would be no reason to vote against her.   There are plenty of other reasons -- but not these.

Americans shouldn't be bullied by our enemies or terrorists (or anyone else) around the world when it comes to whom we support for president.  Yet this sort of thing is a valuable reminder to Barack that conversation and sweet reason isn't necessarily enough to get the job done with the crazies like Ahmadinejad.  Just as importantly, perhaps it's a warning for Democrats that there are limits to the argument that Americans should look to the opinions of "the rest of the world" when considering whom to elect as president.

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