The Hillary "Fight On" Acid Test

Posted: May 07, 2008 11:43 AM
There's almost no way Hillary Clinton can capture the Democratic nomination.  What's more, she's in debt, and as Jonathan pointed out below, she's lending herself millions.  Party bigwigs are going to start calling more loudly for her withdrawal.

So will she get out?  Any rational person would.  But don't count on it.  Why?  Because she's fighting for a cause bigger than herself -- as the Clintons always do (remember when  Bill's rationale for fighting his impeachment for perjury was "defending the Constitution"?).  She's fighting to "save" the Democratic Party from a candidate who, in the Clintons' view, can't win.  So even if the odds just got longer, isn't the cause still just?

If Hillary gets out now, it will be clear that her grandiose justification for splitting the Democratic Party and running up Barack's negatives was nothing more than yet another Clintonian attempt to disguise selfishness at the expense of party well-being -- just like in the '90's.

So which is it?  Is the Democratic Party worth "saving" enough for Hillary to fight on despite the mounting debt (and the mounting intra-party criticism), or is she willing, by dropping out, implicitly to admit that was nothing but an excuse all along?